In 2010, British entrepreneur Jimi Heselden bought Segway Inc., but soon afterwards Heselden died after falling from a cliff while riding a Segway PT. In 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot Inc., a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that it was “as big a deal as the PC”

The name Segway is derived from the word segue (/ˈsɛɡ-weɪ/), meaning smooth transition. PT is an abbreviation for personal transporter (the old suffix HT was an initialism for human transporter).

The maximum speed of the Segway PT is 12.5 miles per hour (20.1 km/h). The product is capable of covering 24 mi (39 km) on a fully charged lithium-ion battery, depending on terrain, riding style, and the condition of the batteries

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that it was “as big a deal as the PC”

The invention, development, and financing of the Segway was the subject of a narrative nonfiction book, Code Name Ginger (in paperback as Reinventing the Wheel), by journalist Steve Kemper. The leak of information from that book led to speculation about the “IT” device prior to release. The speculation created an unexpected advance buzz about the product that was, at times, hyperbolic.

A patent for the Segway was submitted in June 1999 and granted in October 2001 (US PTO #6302230). The product was unveiled 3 December 2001, in Bryant Park in New York City on the ABC News morning program Good Morning America. It was first sold to the public in 2002. The second generation Segway product line was introduced in 2006.